Rob Howard Presents a Fully Automated Book Writing Solution:

“Crowdsourcing + My Software =
Fully Automated Book Writing System!”

This Simple, Automated Software + In Depth, Specialized Writing Seminar
Will Allow You To Quickly Automate the Crowd-Writing Process!

Rob here and I’m going to make this real quick.

Youve learned about the KD Crowd system, now I want to help you fully automate it!

Here Is What The Software Does:

  • Automated Crowdsourcing Job Creation

    The software actually observes your book being written and creates new jobs on the fly, automatically. (Of course you control the budget and how much it does this so you won’t ever be “out of control”) This saves you tons of time and effort!

  • Complete Editing and Moderating Inside the App, On The Fly!

    Don’t like this line or paragraph? Edit and manage it right in the software, while the book is still being written!

  • Run Your Crowdsourcing Jobs From a Single App

    Everything you need is inside the app. Once the initial job is set up,  you can manage everything from our software.

  • Full Solution! Automated Posting, On the Fly Editing, and One Click Formatting!

    You can not only automate job creation, edit on the fly as your book is being written, but as soon as the book is finished, the app will automatically format it for kindle and give you a file you upload as is to Amazon!

  • Software is Web App - No Downloading or Installing Needed - Runs on All Platforms

    On a mac? PC? Mobile device? Doesn’t matter. The app is a web app and does not require any downloading, installing, or setting up! No technical problems, isn’t that awesome? :)

Grab Your Ticket To The Class and Get The Complete Crowdsourcing Software For Free!