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“How You Can Have a Hot Selling Book Created For You For Just $4.26, Like I Did For This Client Who Sells Hundreds of Copies Each Month”

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You Know What Sucks?


It’s expensive. It can be a pain to find someone to do the book. And there are no guarantees it will be of any quality. So what if you spend 200 to 500 bucks and get junk back? Junk that requires you to spend more time and more money fixing.

That’s the frustrating part.

However, I Discovered Something Different – That Doesn’t Require Spending Loads of Cash




That’s what those book writing jobs cost me. Pennies compared to 300 bucks. However, you want to know something? Those books sold. And sold well!

Now THAT’S not frustrating at all. ;)

So, how did I pull it off?

I crowdsourced it. I leveraged the power of thousands of workers who daily do small tasks for pennies. It was really easy to do. And it was obviously cheap.

And these books sell really well. They get thousands of downloads and sell hundreds of copies combined each month.

What Is Crowdsourcing and Why Is It Important?

Crowdsourcing is very similar to outsourcing…except instead of one job (like writing a book) being done by one person, it is done by many in a very small, “micro jobs” (small sections of work) level.

An everyday example: McDonalds. Someone toasts the bun, someone flips the burger, someone builds the sandwich etc. Because someone is focusing on the smaller bits, you can create a product (in this case, a hamburger) much faster AND cheaper.

This is why crowdsourcing is not only powerful, but it can and should be an important part of your book creation and promotional plan, saving you both time and money!

Every Day, Thousands of Workers Log On Certain Websites, Wanting to Work For You For Pennies, Literally.

People With Expertise and Knowledge, Ready to Write and Promote Your Book!

When I first discovered crowdsourcing, it was with other aspects of my business. Things like promotion and SEO tasks. I didn’t realize I could get books written for me, so it totally blew me away when I had my first book finished.

It was simple and incredible. The quality was high and I knew I suddenly hit pay dirt.

I Have Created A System to Almost Magically Produces Books For Pennies on the Dollar – Books That Will Sell!

I didn’t do it just once, I did it three times just to make sure it wasn’t some cosmic fluke. I wanted to know if I could consistently produce books for under 10 bucks, without going to fiverr, without digging through applications for writers, without messing with the fluff.

And I did it.

You Can Do More With Crowdsourcing Than Just Writing Books

  • You Can Split Test Titles and Book Covers BEFORE You Launch Your Book!
  • You Can Create Powerful Promotional Campaigns!
  • Set Up Viral Social Media Campaigns!
  • Get Your Book Edited and Reviewed!
  • And Much More

I’m Going To Show How to Do All of it Inside…

Inside KD Crowd, I’m Going to Show You How to Leverage Crowdsourcing to Produce, Test and Promote Your Book For Pennies!

I’m going to walk you through my complete system for crowdsourcing the creation of high quality books. It’s simple, fast, and effective.

It will save you time – no more slaving away to write books. It will save you money – no more spending hundreds of dollars on outsourcing.

It Works for both Nonfiction AND Fiction!

Want to write fiction? It works for it!

Want to write nonfiction! Yup, works for that too.

Doesn’t matter what the topic matter is, you can utilize my system to create books both easily and affordable.

Works For More Than Just Writing Books…Check This Out

Get Your Book Edited and Critiqued…For 5 to 10 Bucks.

Yup. You can get your books edited for spelling, grammar, writing style and more…along with critiqued, reviewed, and more. For less than 10 bucks.

Test Your Covers and Titles – For 3 to 5 Bucks

Oh BTW – Did you know that having the wrong title and poorly designed book cover will kill your sales right from the start?

You don’t want that to happen.

There is a way to know, with almost 100% accuracy before you launch your book, whether a Title and Cover will help you sell your book.

Again, using crowdsourcing, I can maximize my returns before I even launch my book, knowing with almost 100% certainty that the book will sell and that the title and cover are correct for the book.

Information on how to do this is exceptionally valuable. Imagine, never second guessing on whether a cover or title is the best for your book. You can actually test and see, before you launch your book!

Have Funny, Fully Illustrated Books Made For Less Than 15 Bucks.

And More! Use Crowdsourcing To Take Care of Most Everything You Need!

Inside KD Crowd, You’ll Discover:

  • Write Your Book For Pennies

    I never spent more than 6 bucks to get a book written, and all three went on to sell! This isn’t some gimmick or unproven theory. Inside KD Crowd I will walk you through exactly what to do to get a high quality book written with crowdsourcing!

  • How to Split Test Book Titles and Covers!

    Wouldn’t it be nice to know before you launch your book that your title and cover will convert? Now you can know! Utilizing crowdsourcing, you can find out before you launch your book whether your title and cover really will help hurt – or sell – your book!

  • The Exact Resources to Use to Get Thousands of Workers Working For You!

    I’m going to show you the exact resources to use – and exactly how to use them to maximize your results. I’m going to walk through sample campaigns and book creation methods to really get your books made, tested, and promoted for pennies!

  • Over A Dozen Different Methods and Ways You Can Use Crowdsourcing

    I walk you through you a ton of ways to use crowdsourcing. Many different methods of producing fiction and nonfiction, testing covers and titles, promotion and more.

  • 1 PDF, 4 Videos, 4 Templates - Making it a Snap To Set Up!

    Let’s face it – there is technical stuff involved with any new venture. I include everything you need – including over the shoulder videos and plug-n-play templates. No way you can fail!

  • Never Again Spend 100's of Dollars On Book Creation!

    This method is so simple and yet so powerful, you’ll never need to spend loads of money on creation again!

KD Crowd Comes With:

1 In Depth PDF Guide

This 38 page PDF is packed full useful and powerful information. Well over a dozen methods to test, edit, promote or write your book!

4 Over-the-Shoulder Videos

I walk you through all the technical stuff, the jargon, the specifics of setting up several of the campaigns in the PDF. When you are done, you will fly through crowdsourcing with ease!

Several Done For You Plug-n-Play Templates

These plug-n-play templates allow you to quickly set up your crowdsourcing campaigns. Just enter your information where I tell you too and copy/paste into the resource I tell you to. Bam - Done!

Powerful Bonus Included: What Makes A Perfect Title and Cover!

Included in the main PDF are several pages dedicated to answering the question, what makes the perfect title and cover? This powerful resource will help you choose better titles and have better covers made – when combined with the research and testing power of crowdsourcing, you can’t lose!

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